Endo what?

March is endometriosis awareness month, raising awareness for a disease that affects as many people as diabetes and yet so few people have even heard of it.

Endo what.JPG

Through my Lena Dunham love (an endo sister) I recently came across Jessica Murnane‘s podcast and this week she features Shannon Cohn, a filmmaker who is about to release a film called Endo What? I urge all my endo sisters to listen to this podcast, even if you, like me, think you are an endo expert (and let’s face it in the absence of comprehensive, consistent medical care and compassion so many of us have had to become experts) have a listen.

In fact even if you don’t have endometriosis have a listen – this is about taking control of your own body, breaking down taboos, not accepting pain as a way of life and being your own advocate.

Kate McGoey