Space and the spiral


I’ve written before about how I have a pretty wonderful life, I’m very lucky. Occasionally though the ongoing pain and associated issues get the better of me and from there I have a tendency to spiral.

The last few weeks I’ve been battling that and struggling, as I suppose we all do from time to time, with being in a place of anxiety where perspective is too easily lost, things feel close to the chest and generally there is a non-positive (more positive than saying ‘negative’ no?) tilt on the world.

So today I took a day off work to try and get some space between myself and the perceived pressures of the world and I did two simple things I love.

  1. I went to a yoga class I’d not tried before. I was challenged and humbled and I loved it. Its called a practice for a reason and for me today accepting both the limitations and the strength of what happened on the mat felt good.

2. I sat with my cat (I know here I might be in a small, hair-covered minority here). For others this might be watching your sleeping child, or walking your dog but for me being able to stick my face right into the soft, generous, breathing belly of my Horse does wonders to calm me.


 I also spoke to my family, ate a lot of chocolate, received a thoughtful and timely gift from a beautiful friend and sang my heart out in the car driving around doing admin.

So all in all an awesome day.

Kate McGoey