Half way

It's June! Can you believe it? Half way through the year already.

So often it feels like you can't get over how fast time is moving, how just yesterday it was January right? The new year is a really rare opportunity where we allow ourselves to pause, to reflect back on the year that's been and to make some plans for the year ahead. We set intentions and make resolutions and maybe send a wish or two out into the universe.

And then by February we've forgotten all that cos life has got in the way and we're so busy doing that the weeks scream past and before you know it - its June and where has the time gone?!

 Even if we take time every day to set out of autopilot, to be mindful and present, it can be wonderful to take a broader view of your year and to take stock. So let's take this mid way point as an opportunity to check in again.

Not to beat ourselves up over what we haven't achieved but just to acknowledge what's been going on and honor it all. Just let to ensure it doesn't all get swept away as we barrel through time.

Take the opportunity to make some space at some stage in the next few days to sit with that and celebrate the great things, the bad things, the new surprises, the lessons, the wonderful things that have stayed the same, the small things .

Pause, reflect, celebrate, readjust, realign and embrace it all.

Kate McGoey