a positive life in pain 

The Balance Blueprint is designed to help women with chronic conditions develop a framework to re-establish balance in their lives once more.

There is no "one size fits all" when it comes to managing chronic pain but I’m passionate about empowering others to find their way to a more positive and peaceful life in pain.

Pain is all consuming, it is draining and it can be impossible to see a way through it. Let me help you find your blueprint for balance.


The programme is

designed to empower you to regain a sense of balance in your life. Over the course of the 8 weeks I will be sharing tools that you can embed in your life to help you shift your relationship to pain.

One of the key components of the programme is mindfulness - a form of meditation. Mindfulness is, simply put, a moment by moment non-judgmental awareness.

It is a systematic approach to developing a new kind of agency, control and wisdom in our lives based on our inner capacity for paying attention and on the awareness insight and compassion that naturally arise from paying attention in specific ways.

How it works: 

 Each week you’ll receive an email from me with a video outlining the theme of the week.

You’ll also receive a workbook, journal prompts to help you explore what is shifting for you and a guided meditation.  

You’ll have a weekly one to one 45-minute call with me to ask questions, share concerns and get the support you need. 

What you’ll get

  • A greater understanding of the difference between pain and suffering

  • The tools to help navigate away from suffering

  • A sustainable approach to embedding a powerful mindfulness practice into your life

  • Tools to bring more peace and balance into your life

  • Weekly prompts to help you release old patterns of behaviour

  • Tips for how to approach pacing

  • An understanding of the reality of negative thoughts and how to handle them

  • Greater clarity on your relationship to pain and how to begin to shift it

  • Tools for cultivating greater self-compassion

  • Tips on building healthy and meaningful habits

  • Support to develop and maintain healthy boundaries

  • Guidance on how to proactively sustain your own practice

Your investment 

This programme will require commitment from you, it will require that you show up, that you do the work. The tools that I share during this programme are ones that can make an enormous difference to your life but you need to give them the opportunity to do so.